Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have experience with rare or exotic pets?

Yes. MiCasa Property and Pet Care has experience with reptiles and birds and is happy to have a complimentary consultation with you and learn directly what you need. Since each and every pet is different...You set the standard.

How many dogs can you walk at once?

MiCasa Property and Pet Care loves to give your dog private walks or walks with a buddy that may live nearby (this buddy would need to be a 'known' friend to your pet). We can accommodate walk requests in terms of length and routes. We are happy to discuss these options further over a complimentary consultation (via telephone, email or in person). Walks can be regularly scheduled as well. This saves you the time of continually having to rebook. We also recommend walks as a great starter if you plan to have us care for your dog(s) while you are away on vacation. This gives us the best chance to build quality rapport and comfortable interactions with your friend. It's also a great way for us to know which games are the most exciting and fun for your pet.

My pet needs to go to the vet. Can you take them?

Absolutely! MiCasa Property and Pet Care is happy to safely transport your pet to an appointment (Grooming, Vet Visit, or other) if requested plenty of days in advance or with an existing client file.

Why should I pick MiCasa Property and Pet Care over kennelling or boarding?

Kennels can be an option for some pet guardians but at MiCasa Property and Pet Care, your pet is the only focus when on site. No one can come as close to offering the best relationship and environment to your pet as you, but...with MiCasa Property and Pet Care owners can be assured that their pet will be taken care of...because its all MiCasa does. MiCasa is solely committed to offering the best House and Pet Sitting Service in Lethbridge, Alberta. MiCasa is owner/operated company and makes it their responsibility to have your pets feeling happy, relaxed and content. You will have consistent valued service at your fingertips. We are easy to reach and can accomodate many requests. In terms of time, companionship and quality; MiCasa Property and Pet Care stands behind its promises! Of course, no one can replace the bond you have with your pet but with our experience of animals, MiCasa can become an integral part of your vacation planning. MiCasa's time commitments to your home, extensive options, flexibility to incorporate many requests, and most importantly enabling your pet to stay in its own home sets it apart from the traditional kennel system. MiCasa's rates and pricing reflect the time and commitment towards your home and your pets. Don't forget to factor in not having to be restricted by certain hours, we are flexible with meet up times and consultations.

Why Choose MiCasa Property and Pet Care over a friend?

Great friends will offer their care for your home and pet which is awesome but sometimes there is more to taking care of your cherished home and pet than they may expect. Some things to factor into your considerations when asking friends: Your Pet's very specific needs Your Pet's Routines Your Pets need for company and time Pet Medication Administration Your friends' work schedule Their location (and distance to your home) Their other commitments, children, pets, part-time jobs, gym time, social life Their previous experience in pet and house-sitting, Do they know what to do if the toilet is leaking? Do they know how to handle an emergency? With MiCasa Property and Pet Care you don't have to stress about these details, we've got it covered.

How far in advance should I request services?

In order to deliver the most personalized service, we recommend a 1-week notice. Long weekends and holidays book much further in advance, so a few weeks notice is helpful to try to ensure a booking. We realize sometimes last minute things pop up and will try everything we can to accommodate this, but may not be able to guarantee availability. MiCasa recommends making contact and booking services as soon as possible in order to ensure our availability.

Does your pet suffer from any type of anxiety?​

MiCasa has experience with pets that have dealt with anxiety from past experiences and separation anxiety also called 'stay at home alone' anxiety. These loved pets benefit from remaining in their home environment with extra care and attention as well as the preparatory advice given to owners will help make this time as comfortable for your pet as possible. Typically, a dog with separation anxiety may act out while you are away, and may chew or dig furniture, howl, pace or go to the bathroom inside the house requiring additional supervision and support. We can help you in the weeks/months in advance to your departure if this has been a behavioral issue. We can help you retrain your pets anxiety responses to being left at home alone, so you can return home to a happy and contented pet that isn't worried or afraid when you are away. MiCasa's overnight stay option may be best suited for anxious pets as they require more time and supervision for their needs to be met and for your home to be maintained.

What benefits can I expect when choosing a professional house/pet sitter?

Your pet can stay in the comfort of their home environment House Sitting, Play, Outside Breaks, Feeding, Exercise, Grooming, Tidying, Companionship are what are offered plus much more! Overnight care is offered for pets that can benefit from someone being at home through the night. This is also a great security feature for your home. We respect the privacy of your home with the option of us using a cot in a centralized location of your home (when Overnight Care is requested). This means your household bedrooms do not need to be entered. With MiCasa Property and Pet Care, most services are done by an owner of the business, . MiCasa is invested in providing consistent quality service and for this reason we take our responsibilities very seriously. MiCasa Property and Pet Care can fulfil House and Pet Sitting needs for farms and acreages as well as residential homes (minimum rate is $75.00 per day for farms and acreages...additional costs may apply based on distance and added responsibilities) You know your pet best and can tell us best how to ensure they are happy. You know your home best and can communicate to us best how to ensure it is kept up to your standards while your away.

Can I check on my pet while away?

MiCasa aims to communicate with its clients as much, or as little, as you desire while you are away. Providing regular updates in the form of pictures, videos and direct messages via the MiCasa Property and Pet Care Instagram Account.